Welcome to the Chilk Overlords Wiki, by far the worse Wiki in the history of Wikia. At least in this universe anyway!!!

The Chilk Overlords Wiki is the chat lounge for the four Chilk Overlords; Electrikos, Big Nuki, Lil' Nuki and Gravitox.


If you go on this and you are not a chilk overlord you will be hunted down and EX-TER-MIN-ATED !!!

Electrikos, the furious commander of electromagnetic energy and ruler of the skies !!!

Big Nuki, the perverted commander of strong nuclear force and and ruler of the seas !!!

Lil' Nuki, the infantile commander of weak nuclear force and ruler of the earth !!!

Gravitox, the incompetent commander of gravitational force and ruler of methane !!!

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